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Extra Life Supports Virtual Reality Therapy at Children’s

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Extra Life supporters are preparing for Game Day – a 24-hour gaming marathon to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Game Day is Saturday, Nov. 2, but gamers can play on any day that works for them!

Why play games to help kids?

For Aaron B., it’s about helping out his older brothers and saving the life of a friend’s child. “When I found out there was something I could do to help, I knew this could be my way of giving back to the people who have helped me so they can continue to help others,” he says.

“I Extra Life because I have three wonderful sons of my own. I Extra Life because I have nieces and nephews. I Extra Life because every kid out there, whether I have had the privilege of meeting them or not, deserves everything we can give them and so much more,” says Adam V. “I Extra Life because every time I hear a story about a kid going to Children’s, that story has a happy ending – and what better cause is there than a happy ending!”

Extra Life gamers understand that the money they raise is making a real difference in the lives of kids. This year, funds will benefit Children’s virtual reality therapy program. VR therapy helps patients in a variety of ways, from helping children work through anxiety and anger issues to reducing the amount of sedation they need for procedures. Click here to learn more about how your gaming and fundraising will help kids.

For Tony P., who volunteered his time to create the VR therapy video, it’s all about helping those who need help the most. “Extra Life provides a great avenue for that, and the funds go to something I’m passionate about in mental health. The VR set ups I got to see are amazing and they’re helping to bring Children’s Hospital & Medical Center to the forefront of behavioral health. I Extra Life because I want to help make sure every child has a chance to thrive.”

Click here to sign up for Extra Life!