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Miracle Monday on B107.3

Tune in to B107.3 on Monday, June 1, 2020, for the launch of Miracle Mondays!

On the first Monday of every month, the B107.3 Morning Show with Gina and Joe will be highlighting  stories of Lincoln-area kids and families served by Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, where no child in need of medical care is turned away for an inability to pay.

Liberty First Credit Union
Special thanks to Miracle Monday title sponsor Liberty First Credit Union.

B107.3 listeners are invited to help by donating online or by texting B1073 to 51555.

This Miracle Monday, we’ll also shine the spotlight on Walmart and Sam’s Club, our national CMN Hospitals corporate partners. Since 1987, with the generous support of their customers and members, Walmart and Sam’s Clubs have raised more than $6.5 million dollars to help the region’s kids served by Children’s. This year’s campaign runs from June 22 through July 19.

Listeners will also “meet” Dathin Cooper.

“Dathin will pretty much do or try anything,” says his mother, April Cooper. “He loves to be social and meet new people. He makes friends so easily.”

April and her husband, CJ, can’t imagine life without their joyful, outgoing third child and the light he brings to the lives of everyone he meets. But the Coopers can remember darker days, when they learned their baby boy faced multiple health conditions, including spina bifida, severe scoliosis, heart defects and lung issues. It was a struggle to keep Dathin stable in those early days, but he was in good hands with Children’s team of pediatric specialists.

When day arrived when Dathin was well enough to leave Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care unit, the couple quickly learned that caring for a baby who required so much equipment and attention wasn’t easy. Dathin would require regular appointments to see his many Children’s specialists, and the thought of driving from Lincoln to Omaha with Dathin terrified April.

“What if he needed suctioning or stopped breathing while I was on the interstate? What would I do?” April recalls. Fortunately for the Coopers, Children’s Specialty Pediatric Clinic opened in Lincoln around that time.

“Dathin had so many specialists. But to know that all of them were going to come to the Lincoln clinic, I felt more empowered with our ability to take him home. I knew we could do this and that I could take care of my son,” she says.

Today, daily life is a lot easier for the Cooper family, though Dathin still sees several specialists.

“He might have to do things a little differently than other people, but there’s no reason he can’t do it,” says CJ. “I want him to continue to shine the light that he’s been shining since he came into the world.”

Dathin Cooper and his family with B107.3 hosts in 2019.